Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Song of the Day: Walking on Broken Glass

Eggplant Parm was slated for dinner last night. I was looking forward to it. The pan was on the stove, with olive oil heating. The spaghetti pot was filled with water. I sliced the eggplant, breaded it and started it in the pan. I put the baking dish near it for easy transfer when it was ready. I turned on the oven and the burner to start heating the water for the pasta. Then I went back to the counter opposite the stove to slice the mozzarella.


The mistake in the above paragraph is that I didn't turn on the burner to start heating the water for the pasta. That would've entailed turning on the back left burner. I turned on the front left burner. The eggplant was cooking in the pan on the front right burner and I had placed the baking dish right next to it, on the front left burner. The one I turned on. The 9x12 glass pan exploded in a very noisy way.

There was glass on the stove. Glass in the spaghetti pot. Glass in the pan with the eggplant cooking in olive oil. Glass on the plate of breaded eggplant waiting for its turn in the pan. Glass on the counter beside the stove. Glass on the microwave cart on the other side of the stove. Glass on the other counter, opposite the stove, counter and microwave cart. Glass in the dog's water and food dishes. Glass all over the floor. Glass on the kitchen table and chairs. Glass on the floor of two rooms that have entryways at opposite ends of the kitchen. Glass on the floor in the hall. Glass assumed to be all over the clean dishes in the drying rack. Glass assumed to be in the container of bread crumbs near the half-sliced mozzarella. Glass assumed to be on the half-sliced mozzarella. Glass in those little trays under each of the burners on the stove. Glass under the little trays under each of the burners on the stove. Glass on the handle of the oven.

There was a lot of glass. The takeout sushi was good, but it required eating much later and having to get dressed and go out to pick it up. So I added a couple of Jack and Cokes to my evening.

I really don't like cleaning up broken glass because I'm convinced that there's always some left.

Last week I broke a window!


Quriltai said...

Good God. Hope everyone is okay.

Please don't go to the Priceless Ming Vase and Incredibly Delicate Crystal Sculpture exhibit at the museum...

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