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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

where's my next fix?

I just finished the last of the turkey and stuffing. For seven straight days my diet has included at least one turkey sandwich. Tomorrow's lunch, no matter how large, will leave a feeling of emptiness, I fear.

Is it just me?

I could eat turkey sandwiches on toasted bread with mayonnaise, cranberry sauce and heated stuffing for two meals a day. How long could I do that before I got sick of it? Let's just say my supplies have never outlasted my taste. Seeing the end of my current supply dwindle has made me think of stopping at the store to buy another bird...just for sandwiches.

To me, the holy trinity is this: pizza, Chinese food and turkey sandwiches.

The pizza would preferably be pepperoni, but most other traditional favorites will suffice. Cold pizza? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Cold pizza especially for breakfasts is an excellent reason why you can never order too much pizza.

The Chinese food is also an excellent cold treat, even for breakfast. Pupu platters work best. The boneless spare ribs, teriyaki, egg rolls and crab rangoon are all top notch after a night in the refrigerator. Chicken fingers aren't perfect cold, but they're still better than broccoli.

Forget chasing the dragon; I'm chasing the turkey.

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