Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Innanet fun

Not only can you have fun using new technology on the interwebnets and with portable cellular handheld smart phone iDroids, you can have fun on websites that capture the funniest stuff on the interwebnets and portable iDroids.

For your browsing pleasure, I give you:

Texts from Last Night. Purportedly actual texts people have sent to others. The numbers in parentheses are the area code from which they were sent. Area code 508 is represented with a non-kid-friendly text today.

Lamebook features some of the best pictures, comments and interactions on the popular social media site of a similar name. Be sure to watch for links to "Read the rest of this entry." There are some very, very, very funny things to be found in some of those. Again, much of the content is adult in nature.

To my concerned readers

I'm going through some blogger doldrums. Multiple reasons for it. But this blog is not finished. Keep visiting and you'll soon see an uptick in activity. Thank you for your support.

I finally took off the Twitter box that was filled with garbage. I've been keeping up with Twitter a little bit more, so keep up on that at twitter.com/noternie.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beats me

No idea what's going on with the Twitter box on the blog. Seems to be picking up some static from the cyber world. To get my actual twitter...tweets, visit twitter.com/noternie

Turkey Turkey Turkey

This year's Thanksgiving holiday (extended) has been an unqualified success. As faithful readers know, I'm a big fan of turkey sandwiches. (exhibit a, exhibit b, exhibit c and exhibit d.

After dinner at family's house Thursday we spent the night at my folks. My mom always makes a turkey the day after, for sandwiches. So...

Friday featured two sandwiches for lunch. Dinner was at the Melting Pot in Providence after mrs. noternie and sister of noternie did their annual black Friday pilgrimage at ungodly hours.

Saturday, we stopped at my in-laws and picked up some turkey leftovers (didn't take any from mom and dad's). Lunch Saturday was out with friends. My dinner was turkey sandwiches. Total: 4.

Sunday I had turkey sandwiches for lunch. (6) Mrs. noternie and I also decided that we might need more leftover turkey and stuffing. So she picked up a 15 lb turkey (only $4.75!!)and we threw that in the oven. Dinner was new stuffing and new turkey.

Monday's lunch was turkey sandwiches. (8) Dinner was turkey sandwiches. (10)

Tuesday's lunch was turkey sandwiches. (12) Dinner was turkey some sort of pasta dish, I think.

Wednesday's lunch was tacos(!) but dinner was turkey pie.

Today's lunch was turkey sandwiches. (14) And since mrs. noternie has to go out tonight, I get to have them for dinner, too. (anticipated 16)

So the tote board currently reads:
14 turkey sandwiches
2 turkey dinners
1 turkey pie

Keep and eye on this space and my twitter for further updates.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's almost time

Saw and ad last night advertising the return of Lost on February 2. I bet the groundhog goes back in his hole to watch!

Song of the Day: To Love Somebody

Ray Lamontagne and Damien Rice do justice to the Bee Gees classic.

Patriots comments

They're just not that good. The Saints, Colts and Vikings are. So in order for the Patriots to win, they have to make some special things happen and those teams have to be a little bit off.

This is where, I think, Belichick is at his best. Like Parcells, he doesn't get caught up in romanticizing the past when assessing his team. "You are what you are," is the phrase that's appropriate. Parcells used to say that you couldn't claim a team was "better than their record shows. If you're 5-6 or 11-1 or 10-6, that's what you are. No better, no worse."

So Bill will take a very harsh, cold look at the good and bad and try to use what he has in the best way it can be used. No trying to mold this or that to what he wants. You play the cards you're dealt in the way they can best be played.

And if they don't win a Super Bowl, that doesn't mean Bill isn't at the top of his game or that the Patriots have lost some mystique. It just means they're not that good this year.