Monday, March 31, 2008

Busiest month ever

This post makes it an even 38 posts in the month of March.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully more than one of the 38 was worth your time.

My boy Clay

So last year Clay Buchholz was a hot shot prospect pitcher in the minor leagues for the Red Sox. I bothered everyone by sending updates on all of his starts and saying he could be the next big pitching thing for the Sox. Then he was called up to the big club and pitched a no hitter in his second start. A game that I was at.

So for Xmas I was gifted the Buccholz numbered t-shirt and a Rem Dog signed copy of the no hitter score sheet.

Now he went and got hisself a girlfriend.

she perdy, doncha think?

Her name's Erica Ellyson. She was on Howard Stern on March 28, 2008. If you want to see more of her, go see. I think she's into animals, because some magazine gave her a title for pet of the year.


I tuned into the end of Godfather II yesterday. The wife looked over from a room away when Fredo was sitting on the dock, telling Anthony how he caught the really big fish. Not knowing what was on and not hearing the dialogue she asked if I was watching On Golden Pond.

Actually not a bad guess, given the silhouette of an adult and younger person sitting with fishing poles with the water in the background. But two more different movies there may not be.

I'll be watching

Someone I had the opportunity to meet for the first time this morning told me that the Toronto Blue Jays will win the American League East this year and that Bartolo Colon will be the best starter in the Red Sox rotation, maybe second after Beckett.

If these two predictions come to pass, I will reveal the name of this savant. Suffice to say at this point he seemed neither homeless nor crazy. He owns a business that seems to do well and he was a reasonbly well spoken person, the above notwithstanding.

Song of the Day: New Soul

Yeah? Well I bet you do know this song. And I bet you like it. At least you did. How could you not?

Has there ever been a song from this collection that wasn't a home run? I think not.
[sniff, sniff]What is that?

Oh. I think I smell a theme. Stay tuned.

And if you don't recognize this song, I'll fill you in tomorrow.

Artist information here.
Song lyrics here.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mmmmmmm, grillin'

Pulled the cover off of the grill for the first time this year and threw on a few steaks for dinner. Scrum-dilly-icous. Had some mashed potatoes with blue cheese mixed in, green beans and a nice green salad.

At a family gathering Saturday night we introduced a few more people to the "carrot cake" shot mentioned earlier on this blog. A big hit.

Here's the earlier post, complete with recipe.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Song of the Day: Rain King
Because it's raining and also because the Counting Crows were on the Howard Stern show yesterday. I know, they're long past cool. They're long past relevant, etc.

But they sounded really good doing 'Round Here and a new song of a just released record. Then they riffed on a couple of other things. And Adam Duritz was a pretty good interview.

So listen and remember why you liked them or didn't like them. It's a live version, so it's interesting as well as nostalgic.


It doesn’t feel like the baseball season has started at all. I’ve been meaning to check--but haven’t--whether newspapers are running the baseball standings. Two games have been played. Do they run the entire standings every day or pretend the season hasn’t started yet? I'd check, but...

Not funny: When the payroll department tells you direct deposit didn’t work this week and you have to bring an actual check to the actual bank and deposit it old school style. Especially not funny when it’s pouring rain and cold. {insert sound of muttering and mumbling here}

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Song of the Day 3 & 3.5: Baby Got Back

A song about a Big Mac that mentioned sesame seed buns made me think of big buns/butts. And if you don't like this song by Sir Mix-a-lot, you might not have a sense of humor. Have the doc check for it next time you're in for a check-up.

If you haven't heard the white boy slow acoustic style version of this song, I highly recommend it, below. If you don't appreciate this one, I'm not sure the proper course of treatment has yet been developed for you.

Song of the Day 2 (Jr): Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Dad.

Song of the Day: The Big Mac Song

Well, there wasn't an Egg McMuffin song and this one is fondly remembered. See if you can sing the whole thing before you watch the ad and hear it. And notice how they were environmentally friendly with the paper box before they went to the styrofoam and then back to paper/cardboard. I bet they went to the styrofoam when that teary Indian disappeared.

A moment of silence, please

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- A Southern California McDonald's restaurants official says Egg McMuffin inventor Herb Peterson has died in Santa Barbara at age 89.

Whoever makes canadian bacon should hang their flag at half mast today. What a man. What a sandwich!

read more at cnn.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Song of the Day: Crazy Train

Lots of injuries, thankfully not serious. Sounds like the conductor got a warning and stopped the train. Did what he was supposed to. Problems with response were that the train stopped in an area that was accessible only by an unpaved road. The mud bogged down the first ambulence they sent in, so they needed to walk/carry injured folks out.

Universal Hub (blog) has excellent coverage. First person accounts, pictures, video, etc. If you use the T or Commuter Rail in Boston, this is the go-to blog. Someone on there notes that while blogs and "new" media do well in getting instant facts and information, the main stream media will do better getting the follow up on what exactly happened and why. But you proabbly already know about the Boston Globe and Herald. Check Universal Hub for some news from the underground.

Good place

It’s a site where you can watch old and new tv shows. There are clips and entire episodes of lots of stuff. They host some and for others they just link you to their online homes elsewhere. Saturday Night Live, South Park, Mary Tyler Moore and Woody Woodpecker are there.

They even have some full length movies on there. Not first run, blockbuster stuff, but the Jerk was there in its entirety.

It’s free and very easy to use. I only tooled around for a minute or two, but it looks like a great resource. I used the search function and easily found an old Saturday Night Live mock commercial from the 80s.

A friend said he’s been using the site for a while and thinks it’s great. So far, I agree. Check it out.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

well lookie here

Busiest month yet. And we've still got a few days to go.

UPDATE: And that last post was my 100th on this site!

I want to see more of this

Love this. Coventry, Rhode Island is going to let a private developer build a solar energy farm on a 100-acre piece of public land. It’s not like it was going to be used for anything; it used to be a pig farm and a portion of the land has been designated a superfund site. That means it’s really, really polluted by hazardous waste and would be very expensive to clean up and use. (Longshot to ever happen.)

The town’s going to get yearly payments from the owner of the solar energy farm. And they are going to look into the possibility of putting windmills on the site, too.


Bushie's don't believe in global warming. At least they don't believe in doing anything about it.

Suit brought to US Supreme Court to have government recognize global warming as a problem and act on things that cause it, namely auto emmissions. Supreme Court actually rules 5-4 that the Bush administration do something.

They have not done a thing to even chart a course for doing something. It has been a year since the ruling. The agency that has done nothing, despite being ordered to by the United States Supreme Court is actually named the Environmental Protection Agency.


You can send a message to these people who sit on a House Committe that oversees the issue of global warming by visiting this page.

Song of the Day: Sweet Caroline

By the time I get to work on Tuesday, they may be playing this in Tokyo.

This trip to Japan is really taking some of the zip out of opening day. But the Red Sox are about to defend their World Series Championship. That's something to get excited about!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting ready for Game 1

Manny's walkoff against the Angels. The still photo of Manny after hitting this bomb is a classic. But the sound and movement sort of add something, don't you think?

Justice approves Sirius-XM Merger

cnn posted the news this afternoon that the Department of Justice had approved a merger between Sirius and XM. The FCC still needs to give approval, but that seems very likely now that justice ok'd it.

This thing has been pending much longer than most merger deals, from what I've heard. As a Sirius subscriber, I'm excited to be able to get baseball on one station wherever I go. Aside from that, I don't think there's much I'll look forward to. From what I've seen most of the music and news channels are similar on both services. The sports packages are different and where Sirius has Howard Stern, XM has Opie and Anthony. I subscribed to Sirius to get Stern and have never been much of an O&A fan, but some fans do crossover.

If you listen to the radio and you don't have either Sirius or XM, you're really missing out. You don't realize how many commericals they put on regular AM/FM radio until you don't have to sit through them.

Baseball reminder

Red Sox season starts in Japan at 6 am Boston time. Japanese crowds are getting rave reviews from the Boston media.


I guess I can catch the first pitch as I head to the shower to get ready for work. Actually, I think I might prefer 6am to the 11pm west coast games. During the week, anyway.

Song of the Day: My Favorite Things

The Sound of Music was being shown in my house this weekend.

And while I did not happen to be in the room for "My Favorite Things" the movie reminds me of a tremendous version by John Coltrane. Interesting guy John Coltrane. He played with some of the real heavies of the jazz industry before leading his own groups. Also battled drug and alcohol problems, dabbled in multiple religions and died at the young age of 40.

Good tune, anyway. Plays well in the background and also does well if you put it on, tilt your head back and let it carry you away. Please enjoy all the way through and try not to think too much about Julie Andrews in a nun's habit or Austrian kids dressed up in curtains.

Icky plastic bags

If I had a magic wand, one of the things I would use it on most often would be plastic shopping bags.

Driving on the highway and they float along in the middle of the highway. Zap! Gone.

Driving down a residential street and they’re fluttering from a tree branch. Zap! Gone.

Balled up and lying in a pile of leaves, filled with water. Zap! Gone.

Massachusetts State Senator Brian Joyce has submitted a bill that would add a fee for use of plastic shopping bags at the grocery store. You want plastic? Sure. Two or three cent fee for each. I’m all for it. I’d put it higher.

I bought some of the reusable ones last year and then bought my wife some for her car. Very happy I did it and I recommend it to everyone. My wife returned the favor, buying me a reusable, insulated, soft sided lunch box.

More on the use of my magic wand in the future.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Coming back? Thanks again.

The email I sent out last week led to my busiest day ever on this site.

Let's hope the content brought you come back.

The prospect of casinos in Massachusetts went down the toilet last week and I'm disappointed. I don't understand why we can't gamble in the first place. And I think we would've bveen able to take a lot more money from people who like to visit here.

I always thought New Bedford would've been perfect for casinos and vice versa. They've got a tremendous waterfront that could use this kind of boost just to kick start a revival. They'd be able to draw vacationers from the Cape and some of the folks from Rhode Island.

But alas, it was not to be. Maybe next year, maybe never.

Happiness is...

Happiness is getting a magnetic 2008 Red Sox season schedule. Then getting another one later in the same day.

I think I may start a collection. If you know where to find one, let me know.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Do this

If you like carrot cake, you'll love this drink.

Check your liquor supply and head to the packie, if you need to.

You're going to need a shaker with ice in it. Then add a shot each of:
Butterscotch Schnapps

Shake and then pour into shot glass. Repeat.

Amazing how much like carrot cake it tastes. And no alcohol taste.

You'll like it so much you'll want to have it as a drink in an old fashioned glass or a rocks glass. I did.
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I can't believe you came to my blog.

Not bad, eh? Fancy graphics. Music. Other stuff.

Take a look around and then go do that bookmark thing for me.

Come back and I'll say something more interesting next time. For now, I'm off to start the Easter weekend.

Second Song of the Day: White Rabbit

Happy Easter weekend.

I'm not a "believer" so no songs about the miracles of Jesus. But this one should be in some way fitting, no?

Jefferson Airplane before they became Jefferson Starship and then Starship and before they did crap like "They Built this City" did one of the all time best known rock songs; White Rabbit.

Song of the Day: You're So Vain

With apologies to Carly Simon

I launched into the blogosphere
Like I had something important to say
My name strategically held a secret here
My logo was “Life is Good”

I poked one eye with my finger
As I watched, chuckled, chortled and laughed
And all the links dreamed that they'd show up right here
They'd show up right here, and

I’m so vain
I added a hit counter just this week
I’m so vain
I added me a friggin hit counter
Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

I wrote you several months ago
When you were still blog naive
Well, I said that my blog was gonna be funny and fair
And that I would blog for you
But I got bogged down in sports and stuff
And not everybody would read
Sure that was good about meatloaf sandwiches…
Meatloaf sandwiches…

I’m so vain
I added a hit counter just this week
I’m so vain
I added me a friggin hit counter
Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

Sure that was good about meatloaf sandwiches
Meatloaf sandwiches

I’m so vain
I added a hit counter just this week
I’m so vainI added me a friggin hit counter
Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

Well, I see folks makin’ big money at this
And then they go quit their job
Then they hang around living a life of leisure
And then they swim and they drink in the sun
So I blog and blog here all the time
Well maybe not quite that much,
so I guess I’ll blog for my own entertainment
and maybe you’ll read it, too

I’m so vain

I added a hit counter just this week
I’m so vain
I added me a friggin hit counter
Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just in case you were wondering

Further Update on Sox Solidarity

Yes, the pay flap for the Red Sox managers, coaches and training staff got settled in time yesterday to save the exhibition game and the trip to Japan.

But Bud Selig still bungled it. News this morning said MLB is going to pay the coaches, etc $20k and the Red Sox will pick up the other half. Baaaaad, Bud. Bad.

The Boston Globe's Jackie MacMullen gives an interesting timeline of yesterday's events.

Song of the Day: Right Now

The first time I heard this Van Halen (Van Hagar) song, I immediately thought of the NCAA tournament, aka “March Madness.” They do music video highlights throughout the tournament and then a big one at the end. I always thought this would make the perfect song for that last segment. I think they did use it once or twice that I heard during the tournament.

Good song. High energy and guitar by Eddie Van Halen.

Lyrics here. NCAA Tournament here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Solidarity...with management?!?!


Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell confirmed to the Globe's Jackie MacMullan that team voted unanimously this morning not to make the scheduled trip to Japan or play its final exhibition game against Toronto this afternoon unless the coaches, training staff, and equipment staff were going to be compensated for making the trip to Japan.
------ --
Bloggers note: The players are each getting 40k to do this trip and voted to do the trip with that and probably some other stipulations. Another report cited that in the agreement the coaches and management were to get 40k as well. Players must have just learned that either that wasn’t true or it had been removed. Either way, players want the coaches to get what they’re getting.

Can’t wait to see how Selig bungles this one.

UPDATE: MLP appears to have ponied up. Sox are getting ready to play today. Mike Lowell reported that there have been other things MLB promised the players when they agreed to go that have since been taken away; that the pay for coaches and staff was only the "lastest" problem. He also made it a point to say the players original vote to go to Japan was not unanimous.

Song of the Day: Green Grass and High Tides

It's a long 'un, so feel free to hit play now, read the rest of this, then do something else while you listen. Especially if you like a nice long guitar solo...or two.

I was doing some work at home last week and didn't have my iPod or Sirius hooked up in the basement where I was working. So I put the TV on one of those music stations (not an MTV VH1 type, I mean the ones that play songs with just information about the song and band onscreen). I noticed this song a little at a time, which is possible when it's over 9 minutes long. And then I paid attention and I loved it. Sounded vaguely familiar, but nothing I could've named or sung along to.

I bought it on iTunes the next day. And now I present it to you; the tenth and final song on the band's self-titled 1975 debut album here's The Outlaws with "Green Grass and High Tides."

Friday, March 14, 2008

"...unfortunately, we also become dead."

If you haven't seen or heard it, I highly recommend Billy Joe's speech inducting John Mellancamp into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. I thought I liked them both before this speech. But I like them that much more now.

Billy Joels doesn't play it safe. Good for him.

If you aren't diggin it at least hang on until after the 5:00 mark, that's when he really starts to pick up steam.

Remember the monks?

Looking back through the archives, I came across a post I made here about the protests by Monks in Mynamar (formerlly Burma) that was making headlines. I have been guilty of not paying attention and losing track of what happened. So I did a quick search and the first article I found summed up the current situation pretty well. Appreciate, dear readers, that I am risking the wrath of the Bush administration and the Patriot Act by citing this article by Al Jazeera.

The protests quickly spread to across the country and to Myanmar's largest city, Yangon, before the military turned its guns on the demonstrators.

Now those who took part in last year’s anti-government protests are scattered and on the run. But despite the crackdown, the dissident monks are preparing for another showdown.

He says the monks hopes had been buoyed by the international attention last year's protests received and he is ready to spread the word again once the protests resume.
"I had a small generator in my village and I sold it to buy a second-hand camera," he told Al Jazeera. "If the chance comes again, I can record what happens."

Other dissident leaders believe that the monks' actions last year have already weakened the government.

As a result a loose alliance has developed between different groups opposed to the military regime - among them, members of the student-led uprising in 1988 when Myanmar was known by its former name, Burma.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I highly suggest...Books: hardcore hardboiled, by Todd Robinson, Paperback

This is one of my lifelong friends. You may know him from and the collection of crime noir short stories he shares regularly by email. If not, go to the website and sign up to get it. Great stuff, quick reads, no advertising, no spam, no sharing of addresses.

Anyway, a Thuglit collection of the best of the best goes into actual print very soon and Barne’s and Noble has it. Lucky you, I’ve included a link...or two…or more. Go as soon as you finish reading this. Pre-order a copy if you are at all interested. In fact, even if you’re not the least bit interested, please buy a copy and give it as a gift to a family member, friend or someone in a prison reading program. “Big Daddy Thug” (a very real and jovial guy) is getting married soon (in real life) to the very lovely (and very real) Lady Detroit. So they could use your very real money.

If you know someone that would be interested, please forward this to them. This is a good guy who’s trying very hard and deserves to get to the next level. You can help…Just like I’ve helped some of you avoid higher property taxes by buying cookies and candies and other stuff your kids have sold to support your schools. Consider Todd to be my big, bald, very scary, but very talented foster son. Hey, we can’t all get the pick of the liter like Madonna or Angelina Jolie when we adopt!

Now go, buy, read, enjoy. Solicitation Recommendation over.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Godfather and Godfather II

Some people say the Godfather II comes closer than any other sequel in history to matching or surpassing the original.

I submit for your consideration the meatloaf sandwich.

The hot meatloaf, fresh out of the oven, is delicious. One of the easiest, but most satisfying meals of all time. But throw what's left in the fridge for a day or two (if you can stand to wait). Then lightly toast some bread and grab sliced cheese. Spread some mustard on both sides. This is one of the few times when I will use--and insist on only using--the bright yellow French's mustard rather than a brown/spiced mustard like Gulden's. Add the cold slice of meatloaf and prepare to enjoy. Add a side of chips, if you've got them, but don't fuss if not. The sandwich (or two of them) will do fine without distractions.

I wonder if Al Pacino likes meatloaf sandwiches. Then again, how could he not?