Monday, September 29, 2008

Good stuff

Interesting piece over at by John Hodgman. Funny look at Massachusetts' history and its people. And how someone who thought he didn't like Massachusetts ends up discovering he does.

When a game is on, it will be broadcast in every bar, home, and taxi cab. In the finest restaurant the waiter will be checking the scores and passing news of the game between the busboy in the kitchen and the Harvard professor at the table. The professor will tell you that, in a city largely stratified by class, race, and ethnicity, sports erases these distinctions and reminds us of our common humanity. And if you tell the academic that you don't happen to like sports, he will ask what is wrong with you, nerd? And then he will punch you in the face.

go read the whole thing. It's entertaining. Thanks to Jay at Hub Blog for posting about it, so I'd notice it.

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