Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bad judgement

New York Post cartoon today. I'm sure they have a defense for this. "The stimulus bill is dumb, it could've been written by a monkey it's so bad." Something like that. Connect it to the shooting of the chimp that went on a rampage yesterday.

But c'mon. It's so clear that this cartoon WON'T be interpreted that way by a lot of people. And the other-probably more common--interpretation is so offensive and rude that it far outweighs the very, very minimal humor achieved with the "intended" one.

How an editor didn't look at this and say: "this is not worth it" is beyond me. Apparently the NYPost didn't follow the Dennis and Callahan-METCO story a few years ago.

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peasantbastard said...

Hey Not Ernie, I think it's more than bad judgement, It's hardcore racism. If you spend any time with a person of that ilk, you know that they are laughing there ass's off
Peasant Bastard