Friday, February 20, 2009

Song of the Day: Don't Bring Me Down

Kelly Groucutt is dead. Who? Kelly Groucutt, the bass player for the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO; wiki here) died at the age of 63 yesterday in England.

If you listened to any music in the late 70s or early 80s you will probably recognize the sound and the songs. They were something of a precursor to the New Age music, but still held onto a pop core. This first one, "Hold On Tight," was one of their big hits. There's an entire verse in French!

Here's another hit that blends the old and the new, sort of. It's "Roll Over Beethoven." This is really typical of ELOs music; they were known for orchestral sounds blended into keyboards and synthesizers. And while there may be a heavier guitar influence and Chuck Berry tones, it gets at the them of ELO.

Chances are you know this one, too. (and if you like cowbell, check the front end of this one!!)

This one was another really big hit and is the official Song of the Day out of respect to Mr. Groucutt, who is likely going to be lowered in a different way in the coming days.

In case you don't remember, another excellent ELO tune was featured as the Song of the Day here once before.

And here's on last big hit, Evil Woman.

Now go buy some ELO and put it on your iPod, for crying out loud! There's a widow that needs royalties.

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