Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things are looking up for bleat

First the blog "bleat" made Time's "Top 25 Blogs, 2009" and now it is making Someday I Will for a second time.

I've read a few posts so far and really like it. He's a newspaper guy from Minnesota (do the accent, nobody's listening...Minnesoooota) and he's really clever. Bleat is actually part of a larger universe of mini-sites on, all of which are done by James Lileks.

Anyway, we grace bleat with a second mention and link because his post today was thoroughly enjoyable. If you go to read it, poke around the rest of the site. How can a site not be interesting when it's got a Matchbook Museum, Comic Book Covers, a Gallery of Regrettable Food and something called the Institute of Cheer, among other things?

Good luck to bleat dealing with the flood of new visitors this post is likely to generate. I hope he's got souped-up turbo hyperjets on his servers.

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