Monday, March 2, 2009

Civil War in GOP

There's some unrest in the Republican Party. After the finger pointing over the last few elections, they've settled into soul-searching. Who does the Republican Party want to be? What does it want to stand for most?

There seems to be a growing rift between the philosophical conservative purists, who think the party has left the traditional conservative blueprint that led to Ronald Reagan's success, now considered mythic within party cirles and the populist sloganeering that helped the party peak in the 90s and early 2000s.

At the heart of the issue is half-deaf drug addict Rush Limbaugh. While embracing most of the conservative planks of the party, he does so in a way that turns off some of the moderates the GOP relied on to win and hold power. Essentially, Reagan begat Gingrich who begat Limbaugh who begat Coulter.

It's all playing out very publicly, most recently at their big C-PAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) get together. Limbaugh was the big final speaker and had the crowds going nuts. But that doesn't sit well with the party chair.

Because I'm a liberal, I'm rooting for Limbaugh to prevail.

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