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Monday, March 16, 2009

Fake news chews up real news

I've heard interviews with Jim Cramer and he's a likable guy. I've watched a bit of his show and have learned a little and been entertained a bit. But here, he just doesn't get it. Stewart tries to ask why MSNBC and the financial news industry pretends everything is on the level. Cramer tries to salvage himself.

Stewart's a funny guy that does a funny show. But the arrogant newsie-types that dismiss him as a jester are the fools, themselves. Remember how Tucker Carlson took it in the shorts a few years ago when he tried to dismiss Stewart.

Here's the week end face-to-face after the back and forth between Stewart and Cramer.


KJ said...
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KJ said...

I worship Jon Stewart. As a sometime journalist, especially. I think most of the fools critiquing him are entirely missing the point! Stewart is not criticizing CNBC and Cramer for getting it wrong, he's criticizing them for posing as journalists but then acting as cheerleaders for the CEOs and financial companies, instead of as watchdogs! They're supposed to be acting in the public good, not against it. Yes, it was very reminiscent of Stewart's takedown of Crossfire (hacks posing as real journalists) Notice Tucker Carlson jumped on the "criticize Stewart" band wagon this week and basically regurgitated the EXACT words that Stewart lobbed at him. Carlson was telling some lukewarm bodies on CNN that Stewart's a "partisan hack" and "not honest." Those are the EXACT words Stewart used to describe Carlson in 2004. Carlson is so slow-witted, he can't even come up with something original! Did he think he wasn't on tape back then and NOW? What a troglodyte!