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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Song of the Day: (The) Passenger

One title, two great songs.

The first, a peppy clip from the Grateful Dead. I'm not even close to being a certifiable Deadhead, but I like them. I saw them live at the Boston Garden back in the early 90s with Bruce Hornsby sitting in on piano. I listened to Dead Set a few million times in college. This is one my my favorite songs from that tape (I had it on cassette first), though I'm this isn't that version. No matter. Good stuff.

This one's from the Batman Returns soundtrack. I'm a big fan of this cd. It was on very heavy rotation for a few years when it came out and still returns consistently. Good variety of artists and song styles. The Passenger is by the late Micheal Hutchence and come near the back end of the order.

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