Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Song of the Day: Sour Shoes

Mockery week on Song of the Day continues with one of my favorite non-artists. Sour Shoes is one of the longest running goofball callers to the Howard Stern Show. His ability to recall and sing songs on command is amazing. He's known for the high pitched baby voice or shticky announcer voice. He's also known for living in his parents house, despite the fact that he's probably well into his 30s. Other details about him are debatable. There are some other clips of his calls that are even funnier than this, but they include adult language and adult themes.

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Adam said...

Sigh, gotta love shoes! I heard today that the news team, shuli langford etc are going to finally put some answers to all the sour shoes questions, hes got so many secrets! who.. is.. sour shoes!!!?!?! :D