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Monday, May 18, 2009

Has anyone seen it yet?

There's bound to be a "the end of Boston as kind of sports" story coming, if it's not out already. Some sort of analysis about how a curse has returned, that the championship spigot has been shut off in Boston.

Here's what they'll cite:
Patriots get perfect season, but only regular season.
Garnett injured.
Sox lose to Rays(!) in ALCS.
ORRtease can't hit anymore.
Two Game 7 loses in the TDBanknorthFleetBankBostonNotAsLoudAsTheOld Garden in a four day span.

Yes, some of these things overlap with the Celt's banner last year and BU winning the national championship in hockey. But we're not talking about geniuses here, we're talking about people who believe in curses and don't really like Boston. People like CHB.

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