Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Merloni, Duquette on WEEI yesterday

Lou, former Sox player, Mass native, now regular on the sports media circuit here--made news with some comments over the weekend about the former Red Sox regime’s handling of the steroids issue. One incident in particular, actually.

He was doing a regular shift on WEEI yesterday and they had Dan Duquette, who had slammed Merloni’s comments, call in and discuss it with Lou live. You can listen to the exchange here.

Clearly, if the Sox bras--and potentially management of other clubs--didn’t tell players to take steroids, they knew they were being used and the advice they gave encouraged their use. When you go from warning about the risks to advising about the rewards when they are used in a specific way, you not only concede they are being used widely by players, but you condone it. And when a team condones something like that, you encourage it, if only indirectly.

Duquette’s a schmo, by the way.

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