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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Speaking of business expo activity...

I'm not sure the Globe or Herald have run an article giving tips to attendees of business expos or trade shows or job fairs. But I'm pretty sure they'd side with me in this scenario.

Tip #1 to the two guys having a chat about drumming up business either in a booth or on the floor of the New England Expo for Business or another one coming up in Metro West: When you're having your conversation while standing at the urinals in the men's room, you might want to wash your hands on the way out if you hope to do business with anyone else in there, like me.

I wish I had gotten their personal and company names off their badges. Alas, I was busy washing my hands. Wouldn't you love to know before a meeting that John Doe from Business, Inc doesn't wash his hands? Maybe I could do a composite sketch...

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