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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two different opinions on Jabba Chamberlain hitting Jason Bay

I have no huge problem with what Jabba the Hutt did. Repeatedly throwing at Youk for no apparent reason-and at his head-is a problem, but this isn't that bad. It's a little bush that he's got to throw at so many guys so often, but whatever. Just as long as Jeter's willing to take a few in the back or on those wrists he hangs in the middle of the strike zone.

Either that or Bay's allowed to take four minutes to round the bases the next time he takes Jabba deep.

First team to have a player charge the mound is a rotten egg.


FavoriteBrotherInLaw said...

I don't see how those guys from YES could think that wasn't intentional. Don and Jerry would have no problem saying one of our guys through at someone on purpose.

I love the fact that you have linked to TGR! Anyone have change for a nickel?

noternie said...

Don't be too critical, we have Tommy Heinsohn.

I'll give you three pennies for a nickel if you want.

Yeah, I'm always out trolling your sites.