Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We wuz robbed!

Seriously, yesterday afternoon in broad daylight someone broke into the home of the noternies and took a bunch of stuff. All her gold jewelry, every pair of earrings she owned, a couple of sentimentally significant pieces from family, two digital cameras, a video camera, the Wii system, including all controllers, games and controller recharging stand, an acoustic guitar and hard carrying case and a couple of containers of change from around the house.

mrs. noternie arrived home first and discovered the theft. The police (or the po-po if you use my niece's phrase) came and took a report and listing of all stolen stuff. A neighbor actually saw a very strange guy walking down the street with a black duffel bag and--you guessed it--a black guitar case. Said he gave her the creeps. She was worried he would approach her, in which case her plan was to spray him with the garden hose she was using to water the grass, grab her daughter who was sleeping in her car seat and head for the house.

Turns out he had tried to get into a neighbor's house, but didn't make it all the way in. Someone over that way also apparently got a look at the guy.

So now we've got to go through a sucky inventory and estimating process to do a claim for the insurance company, I guess. Investigations are also underway for an alarm system for the nest.

It's all very sucky, sucky, sucky. My wife has lost some things that are very important to her. The stuff taken from me was mostly just stuff. For both of us, the biggest loss is some of her happiness and her feeling of comfort and security in the house.

Pardon my French, but you're an asshole, burglar guy. I am wishing some very uncomfortable experiences on your person.

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