Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The investigation continues

I was out talking to a neighbor last night about the cops coming to the neighborhood twice this weekend. Once for a suspicious person at a house where nobody was home (turned out to be a relative of the owners) and once for a suspicious person walking around the neighborhood (Verizon rep going door to door on a Sunday!). Everyone's out and about, watching and talking. It's nice.

While I was talking to neighborhood resident #1, neighborhood resident #2 and his daughter stopped to talk to me. She's probably in her early teens and I see her walking around the neighborhood with another girl pretty regularly. They both live in a branch of the neighborhood. NR #2 said his daughter saw someone creepy looking walking around last week and they had called the cops after getting my note. NR#2 said someone from the PD was going to their house a half hour later to have her look at pics.

Did I mention I circulated a note last wed in the neighborhood to let people know we got robbed? It's already prompted one purchase of a security system and I've had more people stop and talk to me in the last week than in perhaps all of the almost seven years we've lived at the house.

When I went home after chatting, a Det PD had left a message for mrs. noternie. She called him back and he asked if we knew someone. She said no. He asked if we were sure the robbery was Tues and not Mon. She said we were positive. He said a guy a few streets up the main road had sold some stuff to a pawn shop in a neighboring town on Monday. He doesn't fit the description of the guy walking around with a black bag and my guitar, but the Det said he fits the description of a thief.

I'm thinking maybe he had someone hitting houses and he was selling the stuff. Someone I work with had that scenario. Her direct neighbor had someone rob her house and the neighbor lady sold the stuff. Anyway, Det said he might call mrs. noternie back with more questions.

Don’t know what happened with the girl looking at pics or if they showed pics to the two other people who spotted the guy. Need to follow up on that.

Let's hope they can bust a perp PDQ and get the loot back where it belongs.

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