Friday, June 5, 2009

Song of the Day: When the levee breaks

This one's best listened to at the highest possible volume when there is little in the way of responsibility on the near-term agenda and friends and fuzzy brains are knock, knock, knocking on your door.

Like Smells Like Teen Spirit, this is one of those songs that is impossible to play too loud. Two guys it the dorm room next to mine on the 20th floor of JFK at UMass turned me on to the beauty of this song at full volume. The timed it so that, at a specified time when one was leaving an afternoon class at the other end of campus, the other would put the stereo speakers in the window of the JFK dorm room and play this as loud as he could stand it. The experiment was to discover how far away the walker would be when he picked up the sound of this song. Being in the room next door, I heard it right away.

I think the walker heard it on the other side of the library, somewhere between the Student Union and Marcus. Impressive.


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