Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yankee fans jinx obsessed

It goes without saying that selling a bag of grass that almost fits in the palm of your hand for $20 because it's in a bag that says "Yankees" is a huge ripoff. Just because they use Kentucky Bluegrass at the new Yankee stadium, where everything from ticket prices to home run totals are ridiculously high doesn't make it valuable.

But, these being Yankee fans, they're apparently for sale. And one creative Yankee fan brought some of the "Yankee" grass to Fenway and spread it out while attending a Phish concert there.

It was obviously an attempt to one-up the Sox fan who worked on the new Yankee stadium and buried an Ortiz jersey in concrete.

The Yankee franchise and its fans have gone over the moon since blowing the 3-0 ALCS lead in 2004 to the eventual World Series Champion Red Sox. They lost that Curse of the Bambino crutch. After the Red Sox won again in 2007 and the Yankees continued to underachieve, the word was that the Yankees were cursed, the source being the thought-to-be-savior, A-Rod.

So they broke up concrete slabs to remove a jersey. And now they're overseeding Fenway. (The guy didn't realize that the Fenway turf is also bluegrass, albeit not from the most expensive burlap pouches in history.)

I admit the idea of fun and creative, but harmless, pranks between fans could be interesting. I thought of the MIT pranks. But there's nothing to support any notion that they would remain fun or harmless for very long, given the two fan bases involved.

Anyway, whaddya bet that at some point A-Rod's gonna drop the third out of an inning, allowing a game winning Red Sox rally because he slipped in some extra thick grass in the area where the magic seed was dropped?

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