Friday, July 31, 2009

Sensitivity is tough to judge

I happened to hear about Jennifer Kelly last week, though not by name. The person who found her having trouble while she was jogging was the neighbor of someone who works with someone who's married to a coworker of mine. It was a sad story that was passed around. I never got a follow up that she had actually died. But she did.

And there was a wonderful obituary in Tuesday's Globe. But I missed that, too. What I saw was a blog post by the reporter who wrote the obituary, and many others it seems.

The blog post was excellent, I thought. Which made it shocking to see all of the negative comments that followed it (though many more positives now added). I can only imagine they didn't see the obituary a few days earlier either.

I think the blot post was a tremendous insight into the guy doing his job and an excellent addition to the obituary itself. Congratulations to him for doing the thankless job that means so much. And for doing it so well. Excellent work Bryan.

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