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Monday, July 6, 2009

Song of the Day: More than one way home

Did you ever buy a full album (cd, kids) knowing almost nothing about the band/artist? I've done it a few times, with great success. A number of years ago, I was wandering through a record store (remember those?) and I stumbled upon a disk by someone named Keb' Mo'. Interesting name, but I'd never heard of Still, it had a sticker on it labeling it a Grammy winner or nominee for best contemporary blues album or artist. I was digging blues at the time and decided to give it a try.

The album--Just like you--was a great listen. Enjoyed it from front to back and went back in later years and got me some more Keb' Mo'.

This song has the feel of summer or a warm spring day to it. Don't know why but it does. To me. And this is my blog, so that's what counts. Hope you enjoy this song and maybe some of his other work.

PS--His real name is Kevin Moore.
PPS--He's originally from Compton, CA (South Central LA), just like NWA (Eazy E, Dre, Ice Cube, etc.) Their styles are markedly different.
PPPS--I found Radiohead the same way I found Keb'Mo'.

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