Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goodbye to Senator Ted Kennedy

A man from a privileged family is basically given a Senate seat. He is not a perfect human being. His ideals and philosophies are not shared by 100% of the nation he serves. But serve he does; mightily, proudly and with tremendous distinction. Despite his own personal situation, he champions the middle class, the poor--the "have nots." He does not just give speeches, he works. In the Senate Chamber, the hearing rooms, the offices, the halls he finds the levers of power and pulls them to his advantage. He is committed to partisan ideals, but wins support across the aisle for every initiative. And yet his most important work is done at home; calls get answered and returned, issues find a welcome ear and encouraging word, red tape is cut and resolutions are surprisingly commonplace. He becomes a beloved champion and a legend among his peers.

Some care.
Some do.
He cared about doing.

He is lost to us now but we are better for having had him.

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