Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mommy noternie checks in

From my gadget-loving mother, some comments and a link to a picture (both of which she copied from a website and emailed me):

I'm a digital-camera fanatic. I can't get enough. But as much as I love taking pictures with them, I dislike the task of showing friends the pictures I've taken--not exactly a simple endeavor. So when Nikon this week announced that it's bringing the Coolpix S1000pj to store shelves later this year, I became extremely excited.

The digital camera for which I've been waiting.

The camera is nothing more than a standard point-and-shoot. Its overall quality won't compare with my Nikon digital SLR. But the Coolpix S1000pj has the single feature that I've been craving: a built-in projector capable of showing pictures and video in a 40-inch display.

If I decide to show friends my snapshots on the camera's small LCD display, they won't be able to get the full effect. In fact, many pictures look much different when they're finally ported to the computer.

If I opt instead to let them see the pictures on my computer, it takes time. I need to bring my camera to my computer, plug it in, and transfer the photos to the hard drive. Only then can I show them the images. By then, none of us is all that interested.

Another option is popping the SD card out of my camera, inserting it into my HDTV, and viewing its contents on the 50-inch display. It tends to be quicker. Plus, it allows anyone in the room to see them. But there's a major limitation: I need to be home to do that.

That's precisely why I think that Nikon's projector camera is such a major step forward. I believe that projectors will be the next big thing in the digital camera space.

My reply:
Interesting. But I think the big thing will be getting wi-fi on them, maybe a simple connection to a smart phone. The Flip video camera is named for the usb connection that flips right out from the side so you can plug it in. I can't imagine it'll be long before phones have usb ports. That way you can just point, click, connect and upload from anywhere.

I think people like to look at pictures when they want. They want to scroll through them at their leisure.

The projector thing will be good, though. And could be the "big thing" Interesting development.

****I had originally thought Mom had written the above quoted comments and I asked her permission to publish them here. She was confused, then laughed and corrected me, saying she hadn't written them, she had only copied and pasted them. I mentioned the work plagiarism and she said no, because "it was only an email to my son." She then sent me the proper cite for the quotes.

Here's the original, but I copied it from Crave: The Gadget Blog.

I haven't checked with Dan Kennedy for a ruling, but I think we're ethically in the clear. Maybe the quote was too long for modern blogging standards. That's on me.

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