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Friday, September 11, 2009

Excellent letter to the editor

Congratulations Tony Butler, from Tewksbury. Excellent effort.

You’re Howie Carr and for the 5,687th time we’ve read about Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat for life (he was elected each time). You’re Howie Carr and for the 4,368th time we’ve read about Joe Kennedy’s salary for helping the poor. You’re Howie Carr and for the 9,368th time we’ve read about Chappaquiddick. You’re Howie Carr and for the 3,476th time we’ve read about Felon Finneran. You’re Howie Carr and for 7,345th we’ve read about Liveshot Kerry (“For Joe Kennedy, Senate race a well-oiled machine,” Sept. 6).

You’re Howie Carr and while you were recovering from hip surgery I was hoping some original material might actually pop into your brain. But then I remembered you’re Howie Carr and you haven’t come up with any new material since Jerry Angiulo promised to put one in your head 30 years ago. You’re Howie Carr and you’ve made a living off the Kennedys. Talk about a seat for life.

- Tony Butler, Tewksbury

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