Monday, September 14, 2009

Song of the Day: Don't look back in anger

I've always liked Oasis and though they haven't put out anything really good in quite some time, I was sad to hear that Noel Gallagher has left the band. There was little but he and brother Liam left from the original lineup and it was a credit to Noel that he hung in there that long. He was the talent in the family and the band, writing the music and lyrics for obnoxious bother Liam to sing.

This one's from an MTV Unplugged special highlighting the strenghts and weaknesses of the band. Just before the show, Liam pulled out with a sore throat. Noel and the rest of the band went on with the show, Noel taking over lead singer roles while Liam sat in the balcony, smoked cigarettes, drank beer and heckled his brother. Noel does more than fine, I think.

Good band, good tune, good version. Enjoy.

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