Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Song of the Day: Meatplow

Actual Facebook post: What's a veggie mom to do when her son wants her to start cooking meat? Any simple, virtually hands-off meal suggestions out there?

Responder 1: Crockpot recipes?

Responder 2: just because we eat it doesn't mean we roll around on the floor with it. there are thousands of sauces or seasonings you can put on beef/chicken/fish and then simply grill, bake or broil it all. here's one: take pork chop, put a full onion slice on top, add table spoon each of ketchup and brown sugar on top. bake and baste. smells great, tastes great. serve with potatoes and veggies.

other suggestions follow

Poster: Thanks for the tips! I do make a lot of standard meals with meat substitutes. He's okay with that, but now he's starting to ask for things that I don't have substitutes for like, ham and such. I haven't prepared poultry in nearly 20 years, red meat has been longer, and I stopped eating seafood when I was 5. Maybe I'll start off slow by buying some of the prepared meals to heat up. I'll definitely need to buy a designated "meat" pan. LOL!!!! :)

Responder 3: a meat pan??? that is hysterical

Veggie mom, this song's for you. Maybe it's for your son. Bet you didn't expect he'd need his own set of cookware this early in life, eh?

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