Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have you driven a Ford lately?

"...several models from Ford Motor Co. are now consistently scoring above Honda and Toyota, the perennial leaders."

"...Of the 51 Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury models in the survey, 46 were ranked average or better in reliability."

Some of the stories might lead with "foreign cars still tops," but that's only partially true. Depending on what kind of car you're looking to buy, a Ford might be your best bet in terms of reliability and performance. Seriously. Even the two most cited examples--the Honda Civic and Toyota Camry--are not your best bet in that class. Two Fords--the Milan and the Fusion--are a better buy. And that's just one very compelling example that you should consider when you go shopping for a new vehicle.

Says who? Consumer Reports, that's who. Besides a gas crisis in the late 80s that pushed people from the Detroit behemoths to the efficient Japanese cars, Consumer Reports has played no small role in the decline of the American auto industry. I'm not blaming them. It's just that I have vivid memories of people justifying their switch from American made to import cars by pointing to all those red donuts in Consumer Reports. HOw, I was asked, can you expect me to buy a (domestic) vehicle with all those empty or half black circles instead of all these imports at the top of the list with all the half red or donut red circles? It was hard to argue.

So, responsible and honest car-buying consumer, take a good look before you default to an import lot for your shopping. Ford might just be a better choice.

Note: GM and Chrysler haven't done as well as Ford.

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