Friday, October 30, 2009

Song of the Day: The Gunner's Dream

Mesmerizing. Absolutely. Pink Floyd has done a lot of visual work to accompany their music, from videos to movies to their concerts. As good as all of that is, my favorite way to enjoy Pink Floyd is in a quiet, dark room or with headphones on. This tune's from the Final Cut, but the Wall and Dark Side of the Moon (the first disk I bought when my mom bought me a Pioneer six disk cd player) and Wish You Were Here are massive favorites as well. And even though it's a bit of cheating, I'll take the double live Delicate Sound of Thunder in my all time collection, as well.

The Final Cut came to me on a tape, actually. This was on one side and I think the Waterboys were on the other side. My sister's then-boyfriend (and father of my nephew) made it for me. Such was the eclectic nature of his musical tastes. I loved it the very first time I listened to it and love it just as much now: "Possible Pasts", "Paranoid Eyes", "The Fletcher Memorial Home" and "Southampton Dock" are sublime. "When the Tigers Broke Free" is an emotional tour de force. Roger Waters was a master.

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