Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My in-laws gave me a three month subscription to Netflix for Christmas and I finally got around to activating it last night. Here's what I've got in my que so far:

Batman Begins
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Little Miss Sunshine
Iron Man
Burn After Reading
Wedding Crashers
Seven Samurai
The Wild Bunch
No Country for Old Men

Looking for movie suggestions. Don't be upset if I don't jump all over something you suggest.


Quriltai said...


Use and abuse the instant play feature. Great MST3K stuff.

I love "What Dreams May Come". You're too cool a guy not to have seen every Naked Gun, Blazing Saddles, and Airplane, so I won't bother.

Bowfinger: Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy. Hilarious.

noternie said...

I'm not cool enough to know what MST3K is without having looked it up.

I've been watching some LOST on there and was happy to see I can watch Seven Samurai there. Have wanted to see that for a long time. Overall, disappointed in what's available on instant play. Guess I expected too much.

I've seen all the ones you thought I would have. Own most. Someone I know mentioned My Blue Heaven. Been too long since I've seen that. Another mentioned the 'Burbs...as a joke. We both own it and have seen it perhaps a 1,000x. No kidding.

Read, then watched, "What Dreams..."

I think I remember Bowfinger getting mixed reviews. Haven't seen it.

I think I'll be reposing my queue every so often and seeking suggestions.

Anonymous said...

The BBC Television Series "Coupling" is available on DVD. It will have you choosing between DePends or less beer.