Monday, February 15, 2010

Someone please fire Bob Costas

Seriously, the guy is insufferable. Does he have pictures of that many NBC executives in compromising positions?

He knows his stuff, no doubt. And he 's a decent presenter. But all of that is undermined by the fact that he insists on being too cute by half...and then some. He's got absolutely no humility. He is totally unlikable.

So please, fire him. He doesn't need to be drummed out of the business, just knocked down a peg or two so he can recalibrate his persona.

BTW: the Canadian mogul skier who won the country's first gold medal is a great story. Just saw the feature piece on he and his brother. Good stuff. Glad he won the first gold for Canada instead of the woman who was favored to repeat.


Quriltai said...

I love the Olympics, but NBC makes them nigh insufferable. Costas to being with.

Anonymous said...

I hate Bob Costas. He acts like he's the hottest and wittiest man on the planet. Every time he talks I am compelled to scream out "Shut up, loser!"

Anonymous said...

I heard he drinks his own urine, can someone confirm this for me?

Truthsayer said...

LOL! That's hilarious! I heard that he is a wizard. Maybe one day he will take out his fake teeth and hair and reveal his true self.

Anonymous said...

I switch channels whenever he appears.
The Olympics on NBC are not worth watching anyway!

Anonymous said...

I also change the channel whenever Costas is speaking. Terrible television persona. NBC should really cut Costas loose.