Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lost goes Hurley-centric

So Hurley, through legitimate talent and a fair amount of bullshit, is now a "leader" among our favorite island-bound travelers. Good deal. He's a likable character, a favorite of many fellow LOST-ers. I don't for a second think the writers can or will not make Jack the central player in the end of the series--they've invested too much in him--but they've done goofy things before.

Locke is beginning to show increasing signs of weakness. He was thoroughly unprepared for Desmond's return and maybe more surprised by his lack of fear, Brother. If you didn't see Desmond ending up in the well, set an alarm before the next episode and swig a few cups a Dunks.

Is anyone else bothered by the total unraveling of Richard? Are they just trying to write him into irrelevance? Aside from Jacob and the MIB he's spent more time on the island than anyone, even if he was in the dark much of the time. Did they really build him up that much just to discard him as meaningless?

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