Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For your floral and plant needs

Order flowers from Winston Flowers, if you can. They deliver beautiful flowers and they have unbelievable service.

I had flowers sent to Mrs. noternie on February 2. Sure Valentine's Day is February 14, but the 2nd is a special day. It's Groundhog's Day, but more importantly, it is the day I asked Mrs. noternie to become Mrs. noternie.

Not only did her coworkers rave in fits of jealousy about what a wonderful, thoughtful, generous, loving, caring, giving husband I am, they thought the flowers looked pretty darn good, too. Actually, the flowers probably got more kudos than I did.

I got the standard email confirmation from Winston of the order and then delivery. And just now I got a phone call following up. Did she love the flowers?

This is a nice thing to do, especially because this week is the busiest of the year for the flower industry. I wouldn't blame them if they put off this routine task this week to focus on managing incoming business. But they didn't.

If they didn't look good or last, this would've been the perfect opportunity for me to complain. I had no reason. So thanks to them. Instead of a complaint, I am posting a recommendation. I think you should go buy some flowers from them.

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