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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Song of the Day: Dirty Laundry

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KJ said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by the PU and for your supportive comments during this shiteous stage in my little world.

You're the 10th person who called me on the missing LL Cool J on the daily playlist. It was no-brainer, or in my case, a chemo-brainer. Didn't even cross my drug-addled mind, if you can believe it. It'll be on an upcoming list this week...please email yours if you want. I DID see that you have songs of the day. I think the audio file is such a nice touch (esp for those too lazy to download, listen to and appreciate the song(s). I'll have to redo the "embedding audio files on Blogger" tutorial. Hope all is well in your world. KJ
p.s. I still love Dirty Laundry. Also a perfect transition with the whole channel 7/randy post.