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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I flew on Friday the 13th, twice

I am not superstitious. So when there were plans being made for a birthday party for my sister in the St. Louis area, the fact that the most convenient time to fly out there to attend it would be Friday, February 13 did not phase me. I noted the date only with the hopes that others would not be phased by it either. Luckily, they were not. At least not enough to prevent them from going.

And this was before we knew that the night before, another plane would crash, killing all 49 passengers and one person on the ground. If there's one thing that makes people more nervous than Friday the 13th, it seems to be flying right after a plane crash.

But away we went, myself, Mrs. noternie, Sister of noternie and Husband of sister of noternie. As we sat on the plane, waiting to taxi and take off, we watched as a group of Marines, in full dress uniform, unloaded a casket-draped coffin belonging to one of two Massachusetts soldiers killed in the middle east last week. I believe it was Lance Corporal Kevin Preach.

Anyway, we flew two legs--the second of which was on one of those small 40-50 seaters--and lived to tell about it. I was going to show how unafraid I was by actually posting my plans to fly on Friday the 13th, but the party for my sister was a surprise party and there was a very remote chance she would've read my blog and then the jig would've been up.

I'm sure given the event the last two weeks and his comments, Quriltai would've strongly suggested I rethink my travel plans had he advanced notice.

The party was a big hit; Sister of noternie was completely and totally surprised by both the party and our attendance. My first foray into hunting--Brother in law of noternie in St. Louis area took me and the other brother in law out to get rabbits--was much less eventful. More on that in another post.

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