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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm intrigued

Through, I found Time's list of the 25 Best Blogs, 2009. After going through the descriptions of the sites on the list, I had bookmarked 14 of them. (I had one already in my bookmarks) After a quick look at one, I quickly found another site I thought worth bookmarking for future reading.

The sites Time lists--and the ones I bookmarked--vary widely in style, substance and focus. They include blogs on science, politics, media, food and life in general.

Here are the 15 I wanted to go back and visit again.
Talking Points Memo (already had it)
Zen Habits
Paul Krugman
Crooks and Liars
/food (Slashfood)
Seth Godin
Said the Gramophone
Bad Astronomy

The one I found through Lifehacker that I'll definitely revisit is TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. There's a conference every year with some big names and big thinkers giving talks about some pretty interesting topics.

I'm not going to go into describing the blogs or why I felt them worth visiting. Go to the list and see if you find anything you like.

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