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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Song of the Day: Australia

Australia is one of those places that lots of people seem to want to see. Not me. For some reason, I have no interest in every going to Australia, unless I went to a whole bunch of other places first.

I feel kind of the same about Italy and Greece. History and mythology are very enjoyable to me, but these places are nowhere near the top of my travel wish list, but I can't explain why. Years of people telling me how much they want to go or how much they enjoyed it have done nothing to change my mind.

So why the Song of the Day? I liked the song when I heard it on KJ's blog, Pointy Universe. She had a picture slide show with this song playing throughout. Funny thing is, KJ recently started doing a Seven Songs of the Day playlist on her site recently (explained) and I invited her to peruse and steal ideas from my selections. Instead, I'm stealing from her, but not something from her playlist.

The Shins, you might recall, contributed some tunes to the soundtrack of Garden State, a rare example of a movie and soundtrack that are both excellent throughout.

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