Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sorry, A-Rod, this didn't sell either

Jayson Stark at and I agree on a few things, which is rare.

Even Dan Shaughnessy rolled over and admitted seeing the light...
Last week in this space, I wondered, why so much hate for A-Rod?

Yesterday, he answered the question. People can't stand him because he's a phony. Sure, some of his detractors are merely jealous. It's easy to hoot on him because he folds in the clutch, or because he tried cheap tricks like slapping the ball out of an opponent's glove, or yelling, "I got it," to decoy an infielder when rounding the bases. Here in Boston, people hate him because he is a Yankee. Parents and fans who embrace baseball feel cheated by those who cheated the game.

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