Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blood was about to flow from my mouth

Such is the force with which I have been biting my tongue. Alas, it has been released.

A woman I know is married to a man who went to Duke. I do not like Duke. Not one little bit. I have not liked them for a very long time. Through her, he knows this.

He scored a ticket to Duke's third round game at the Garden tonight and word just came in that he's been wondering about the unkind remarks I have no doubt been making about his school and team. The truth, I told her, is that I have been restraining myself in an attempt to be mature and gracious. No matter how I feel about his school, I feel good about the fact that things aligned in a way where Duke would play in the third round of the tournament in Boston and he'd be able to score a ticket.

But they couldn't leave it alone, I guess.

After a few minutes she had goaded me into making a few remarks about the school, the team, the coach, the fans and the games and costumes of players past, which will no doubt reach his ears. I am not proud that I did this and will not repeat them here.

Please know, Sean, that I have been a victim of entrapment. Enjoy the game.

P.S.--That is a great resource.

P.P.S.--Go 'Cats!

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