Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just remember you read it here first

I have had a series of serious ideas for improving things the Red Sox do, mostly concerning NESN. Show ideas and such. I don't have the time, money or connections to make them happen. None of them has shown up on their own, as a result of anyone else thought process, so maybe they're still original. More likely, the Red Sox are not interested in producing new programming for NESN that will either entrain existing fans or solidify new ones (hard to imagine). With little evidence, I'm convinced they're just happy to collect the money form the infomercials. I can't believe the lack of programming is the result of not having good ideas. If it is, someone over there contact me through the comments section here. I've got a few ideas for you.

Anyway, I had another idea for the Sox, which I'm giving away for free.

I'd like to see the Red Sox create a type site for themselves. Really comprehensive resource for Red Sox stats, information, etc. But they could use their partnership with the Boston Globe and NESN to expand on what baseball-reference does.

They could copy Baseball Reference and include a page with full box scores and scoring summaries (from the point they started existing) for each game in franchise history. But along with the individual game, the Red Sox could include Boston Globe coverage of that game and NESN highlights of that game. Three top headlines from the Globe on that date in history. Other interesting historical stuff. Cross promote all you want.

It seems it would be easy to build. Isn't it just a matter of some scripting and code to pull together the data from the separate entities the team already taps into in one way or another (Globe, NESN, STATS/Elias/MLB?, etc). And they could tie it into Red Sox Nation membership, if they wanted to bleed the populace a bit more.

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