Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prez Pressers

I was happy to see that Prez Obama was doing another televised press conference in prime time. I've been frustrated by the lack of them during previous administrations.

Nearest I can remember, Ronnie used to do them pretty regular, but Old Man Bush didn't do quite as many. And he had a war! Clinton, despite his obvious prowess as a communicator, seemed to avoid press conferences even more. I remember a lot of talk about Clinton "going around the traditional press to take his case directly to Americans." And this was largely before the intrablogs emailtwitterface space.

Little Bush kept up the Clinton trend. And he had a terrorist attack AND a war!! Certainly he was visible, but not in situations where the press could ask him a series of questions and follow-ups.

I like to see people forced to defend their positions. And I still think the mainstream media are the best ones to offer a serious, legitimate and fair challenge to sitting elected officials.

To me, press conferences offer America it best opportunity to hear a President explain himself and be questioned, not picked apart or boosted by discussions that are more editorializing than serious inquiry.
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