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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Define "Hot"

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm said she won't apologize to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for her crack at last weekend's Gridiron Dinner that the former Republican vice presidential candidate "really set back the cause of hot governors."

At the exclusive Washington dinner on Saturday, which was packed with top elected officials, Granholm also used the quip to needle Pennsylvania's governor. "You know where I'm coming from, Ed Rendell," she said.

Good line, but I'm not sure Granholm is a "hot" governor. Though she had some quirks, with her mouth shut Palin was actually attractive, especially if she controlled the "crazy" eyes. Granholm may qualify as one of the more attractive female politicians, but that's really a relative thing. There aren't that many attractive female politicians.

This is not to demean female politicians or focus only on their looks and not their brains. I dare say that even with the overwhelming majority of politicians being men, most women don't find much to look at there, either.


Quriltai said...

I dunno. Granholm always struck me as pretty attractive (considering she was born in British Columbia), without the scariness of Palin. It's when she opens her mouth and you realize that she has the charisma of a cinderblock that the romance fades.

noternie said...

"Pretty attractive" only in a relative way, I think. On the stage at a political convention or in a meeting of elected officials, yes, she's near the top of the class. But walking down the street I don't think you'd look twice.

Palin, I think would generate a lot more second looks and not just in a political event, but on the street.

But, beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.