Thursday, April 16, 2009

Will it come to this?

Was talking to a coworker yesterday about the economic situation and the frustrations people are feeling and he referenced and old movie I had never heard of.

Soylent Green. Is this sort of thing possible? Impossible? I think a better argument would be whether it was probable or improbable. I'm definitely interested in seeing the movie.

Once again, as before, more than once I've got to make it clear I'm not actively advocating for anything violent or disruptive or bad or anything to happen, be done, planned or discussed. I don't want to buy anything bought, sold or processed. I'm just watching and listening and trying to imagine what might happen in the world.

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Quriltai said...

No. Cannibalism is possibly the most intense taboo in human society, and is sourced from any number of places. Sure, there are historical exceptions to this: the Aztecs, some nations of Papua New Guinea and of course the Caribbean, an a region named after cannibalism. However, in every one of the tiny number of societies that practiced cannibalism, it was within the frame of a specific and exceptional religious rationale and was even then restricted to a priest class. In historical cases of environmental or economic degradation, this ultimate desperation is so rare as to be remarkable -- the soccer plane crash immortalized in the movie Alive, for example.

The counterimpulses against cannibalism are just too strong, and even S.G. recognizes this, as the majority of society is ignorant of the fact that they practice cannibalism, leading to the Heston scene where he shares his discovery.