Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I got a new toy

Today I replaced something stolen by the bastard that broke into our home. I bought a new video camera. After looking a numerous models, I got a Flip-ish lower end easy to use deal. It's a Kodak Zx1. I got it in red. Why the Zx1 instead of the Flip or the Sony Webbie? Well, I liked that it had removable media. I didn't ever want to be out somewhere and run out of space on the hard drive of the Flip, which stores video only on the hard drive. And I wanted batteries that were removable, so that if they did need to be charged and I wasn't in a position to charge them, I could swap them out with a spare.

So I got the Kodak.

More on the experience later, it's been very limited so far. And not entirely successful. I just tried to upload a video and it's somehow in slow motion. Harrumph.

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