Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm starting to lose my way...

...things are starting to look less familiar. I think I might soon be....LOST!!!

Gear it up, fans. The final season is two days away. Here's a tune featured in Season One. You'll know it as the song playing when the batteries went dead on Hurley's cd player at the end of Episode 17. It's Delicate, by Damien Rice. (embedded video on blog)

Recap of Episode 17, for fun. We see what Jin had been doing for Sun's dad, which lead to their estrangement. Sun outs herself as an English-speaker during Jin's beating at the hands of Micheal. You remember, Micheal thinks it was Jin that burned the raft? It was really Walt. (He will soon be renamed Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt!!)

We also get the nauseating budding romance between Sayid and the ever-annoying Shannon. Yeah, the worst family ever assembled on a desert island were in full force. Boone only had a few minutes, but made the worst of them. Those two should've died in the crash!

The hatch was found a few episodes ago.

There's still a little time to catch up or brush up. Check out the Lostpedia. with full descriptions of episodes, characters, etc. Hey, you might not know all you need to about Frank Lapidus.


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