Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lost or Found?

Ok, so what do we know now? Is the sideways plot what happens if they go back to where Jacob touched them and start over? Lots of the same stuff, but no crash and a few different outcomes?

I wish they would've kept the actor who played the unknown man in black. The actor that plays Locke is good, but he wasn't this character. From what I've read, the actor who talked to Jacob on the beach was a well respected actor. So let Locke live on in flahbacks or flash sideways, even as a ghost. But keep that other guy playing the man in black.

Who's going to be the candidate and what are the job requirements? All signs have pointed to Jack since the start. They've spent so much time trying to perfect him it's hard to imagine them going in another direction, but I hope they do. There's something unlikable about him. Something a little too preordained. Like things have essentially been handed to him all along and he just doesn't want them or appreciate them.

I get the whole thing about his redemption, finally accepting his role, his duty and fufilling his apparent destiny, but I'm still rooting against him.

I think I'm leaning Sawyer/Ford. He's remorseful, admitted even to a death wish, presumably out of guilt, as a reason for getting on micheal's raft at the end of Season 1.

Speaking of which, Waaaaaaaaaaaalt was such a strong interest of the Others and seemed to hold so much power and potential that it's hard to imagine he's not coming back to play a role of some sort. Bit he wasn't a candidate we saw listed on the wall with one of "the numbers" was he? If we can believe that was Jacob's list and not one the man in black was working.

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