Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toyota keeps piling up the bullshit, pardon my French

Interesting and disgusting revelations in Washington today, as Congress holds hearings on quality/safety problems in Toyota vehicles. This stuff doesn't even go into the evidence that they knew about the problems and how serious they were, but made a business decision, more or less, not to address them.
Texas Republican Rep. Joe Barton cautioned his colleagues early in the hearing against conducting a "witch hunt" and said "We don't want to just assume automatically that Toyota has done something wrong and has tried to cover it up." But midway through Lentz's testimony, Barton said of Toyota's investigation of the problems: "In my opinion, it's a sham."
The president of Toyota's U.S. operations acknowledged to skeptical lawmakers on Tuesday that the company's recalls of millions of its cars may "not totally" solve the problem of sudden and dangerous acceleration.
House investigators who reviewed Toyota's customer call database found that 70 percent of the complaints of sudden acceleration were for vehicles that are not subject to the recalls over floor mats or sticky pedals.

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