Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Americans don't support GOP on health care reform

Listening to much of the angry reaction to passage of health care reform, you would be forgiven if you concluded there's a groundswell of opposition to Democrats. You might think Americans--by an overwhelming margin--think Democrats "over reached" (very popular buzzword) and are in the GOPs corner on the issue.

It's just not true. The majority of America doesn't take the Republican position on the issue.

Many cite poll results that 59% of Americans oppose the health care reform that passed. What they ignore is that a decisive group of Americans oppose it because it is not liberal enough in their minds.

39% support
43% oppose because it's too liberal
13% oppose because it's not liberal enough
3% oppose with no opinion
2% no opinion

So all the crap about Congress forgetting who they represent is nonsense. If Congress matched these results exactly, it would take only a majority of that 13% to "hold their nose" and vote for a bill they think it's liberal enough.

It may well prove that Republicans are angry enough over the way they were overrun on this issue to mobilize their base and pick up seats. And some of those liberals that feel Democrats didn't go far enough may stay home on election day. But to say a majority of American's think this health care reform went too far is just not accurate.

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