Thursday, March 25, 2010

Americans LIKE the health care reform laws

It's ok to ignore angry opponents of successful health care reform who claim Americans don't like it and will revolt at the ballot box in November. Their myth continues to die.

By a 49%-40% margin (11% undecided), Americans think it is a GOOD THING that Congress pased this bill. Even people who identify themselves as "independents" approve of the legislation.

Republicans did a good job building opposition and making it hard for the bill to pass, but at what risk? Obama, showing more courage than I thought he'd have in these battles, dug in and won.

Now, Republicans are watching their loss turn into a possible catastrophe. First, their plans to obstruct anything and everything and keep health care reform on the front burner may not be such a good idea, given what could be growing support for the newly passed laws. Second, the violent reactions--now too many to be considered isolated incidents--are clearly the result of angry rhetoric by Republican leadership in the run-up to the vote. They run the risk of being angry, sore losers who are backed by whack-jobs and thugs.

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