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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I want my 7 minutes back!!

Jay jumps on the bandwagon of Sox fan bashers. I think he's headed toward self-hating territory. I worry about him.

A drunk fan that likes baseball fights—which almost don’t qualify as fights as there are few blows thrown and even fewer landed—posts a video on YouTube and this is evidence of…what?

Goes without saying, but also rendersthis discussion meaningless that…

--One fan does not represent the entire fanbase.

--This Red Sox fan is unique among fans of other franchises? There aren’t drunken fans cheering for fights in other cities?

-- PEOPLE HATE RED SOX FANS BECAUSE THE RED SOX ARE SUCCESSFUL. End of story. I’m a Red Sox fan. My fellow fans were no more or less obnoxious when the team was losing. t was just easier for everyone to ignore that fact and call us “lovable losers.”

I really thought there would be something more there in the video. An entire section of fans throwing beer on an old lady rooting for the Orioles. Maybe another Eisenrich incident in the bleachers. But I didn’t find anything of interest. I’m disappointed that I held on for almost 7 minutes waiting for something, anything.

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